When Love & Skill work together expect a Masterpiece
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When Love & Skill work together expect a Masterpiece

masterpieceThis quote is used by John Ruskin, Tony Robbins and many others. But it’s true! Guided by love and skills we can nurture our horse's learning and development so he can be the best he can be in body, mind and soul. Then training a horse is like playing music. When I was young I played cello for 7 years. But I didn’t like to do it.

So I developed a lot of skill, but I didn’t put love in what I did. Therefore it didn’t sound good, and I never reached the level of mastery.

Mother Teresa once said,

It’s not what you do so much that matters, but how much love you put into it.”

Therefore only when skill AND love come together you can play beautiful ‘music’ together with your horse ;) As a trainer you have an orchestra of techniques, strategies, concepts, and aids at your disposal and you are the conductor. You have to appeal the right 'instruments' at the right moment with the right 'tone' and the right ‘rhythm’ and … with love and feel! When you have a true connection with your horse - where your horse ‘sees’ and ‘feels’ you - he starts to resonate on your inner pictures and inner feelings.

When you and your horse ‘do' what you ‘love' and ‘love' what you ‘do', your horse will give his best masterpiece of the day!

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