What is your riding goal?
When it comes to riding it's always good to start with the 'why'. Why do you want to ride? And what is your goal? - Do you just want to have a happy, healthy horse? - Do you want to have a balanced horse so you can hack out? - Or would you like to jump 1.60 m? - Do you want to reach the top in competitions? - Or would you like to ride with 5 horses at liberty? - Do you want to learn western riding? - Or do you want to master classical equitation? - Or the academic art of riding? - Or something else? The goal of Straightness Training is to prepare your horse for any kind of riding and to keep your horse healthy, supple and strong until an old age. In every riding discipline it’s important that you can ride just as easily on the left rein as on the right rein and that your horse can move easily in all directons, in all movements, in all exercises, in all gaits. When your horse is in a correct balance he can easily carry you as a rider so that he can take part in every sphere of equestrian sports you have chosen! Straightness Training will help you with that. So Straightness Training is a mean to reach your riding goal. If you need help, feel free to check out the free mini course:

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