This is Prince Elmelund, he’s my “Ferrari” because he is so sensitive, and has super power in body and mind. Prince Elmelund is not only a Ferrari but also a "Freddie" - a Frederiksborger horse. The Frederiksborger is Denmark's oldest horse breed. The Royal Frederiksborg Stud was founded in 1562 under King Frederick II. Back in those days, the Frederiksborger had to be agile and trainable for warfare, parades and court ceremonies, and pulling royal carriages. They were very popular throughout the Renaissance and Baroque periods and were considered luxury items. In 1839, the royal stud was closed. The breeding of Frederiksborgers continued with private breeders. Instead of a luxury item, the horses were reshaped and redirected to be more suitable for the public coach and agricultural work. A “Freddy” is most often chestnut with white markings, though bays, buckskins, palominos, and greys are seen, as well. They often have the following conformation (but of course there are exceptions):
  • The nose is slightly convex.
  • The neck is powerful and is set high on strong shoulders.
  • The withers are not high.
  • The back is long but has a strong loin.
  • The croup is level.
  • The legs are solid and square and have a strong push.
Because of their high-set neck, steady push, and expressive, showy, and powerful gaits, they say, that Frederiksborgers are best in harness. But some are successful in jumping, dressage and the academic art of riding as well. In general, Frederiksborgers are long-lived and perform well into old age. But never turn a Frederiksborger against you, and don’t think that you can make him work for you. Instead, you have to honor his spirit and tap into his wisdom - only then he goes to the moon and back for you.

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