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Moving To Portugal – Day 4: Arrival

On the final day of traveling, we loaded the horse’s early in the morning, before sunrise.

This way, we would be sure to arrive at our new house before sunset, so the horses would be able to get to know their new home during daylight.

Now already in July, we prepared an ‘arrival’ paddock in the garden behind the house, with a temporary fence.

And we scanned all three fields for poisonous plants, such as ragwort.

We also created two options for unloading, because we had the feeling, that the truck wouldn’t be able to pass the gate…

And indeed…

The gateway with the sloping road was a bit too complicated.

So, the horses had to go through the ‘back door‘:


Since the whole 4-day journey has been a relaxed experience, all horses arrived in good condition!

Therefore, they could immediately embrace life in their new home.


Have fun, seeing my horses arrive in Portugal, investigating and adapting to their new home in the sun:

Many thanks to Marcel Jordan Horse Transport for treating my horses with the best 5-star care possible as they made their way to Portugal!

Thank you top class driver Ronnie Veldhuizen for your care and love for my horses!

Thanks to the M.A.X., Marc Marsman, my partner in life and business, for setting up the enormous ‘Moving to Portugal’ project and managing the whole process in the most efficient and effective way!

And many thanks to the compassionate readers of this blog and for sharing your encouraging comments, impressive stories and heartwarming wishes, here on this website but also on Facebook, email, and Instagram! 


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