Is Your Horse As Difficult To Train As A Zebra?

In general, zebras are not easy to train, because they are:

 Easily agitated

 Panicing under pressure

 Bad tempered


 Aggressive and attacking people

While attempts at domestication have failed, some people have had some success training a zebras…

But even they say:

“Some days it’s like he’s been okay for 30 years and other days he acts like he’s never seen a human being”….

Now, it could be that you recognize your own horse in these descriptions…

Well, you’re not the only one having a horse that acts like a zebra!

But there’s hope for you and your ‘zebra’ type of horse!

Simply said, you need to take two steps:

1. First, stop defending yourself. Instead, value your horse’s extreme opinon about any situation, and do some self-reflection on your training approach: are you doing things too much, too long, too often, unexpected, sudden? Of are you having a negative spiral of bad habits with your horse?

2. Second, break the pattern. Change your appoach and convince your horse to not go into the old habit anymore. Just let him know that there’s an empowering alternative for his behavior which lead to comfort and relaxation.

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