ST Gives You The Concepts; You Have To Fill In The Details
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ST Gives You The Concepts; You Have To Fill In The Details

When someone has baked a great cake, and someone else wants to bake that same cake. He asks the cake baker what he needs:

- The recipe

- The ingredients

- The materials

Of course, 100% equal, the cakes will never be, but when the cakes are quite equal, that is a good sign. However, when the outcome is totally different, then several conclusions are possible:
  • The second cake baker did something wrong,
  • The first cake baker didn't explain well enough what he did,
or - and that is the most interesting -
  • The first cake baker has less understood how he produced the cake than he thought, so his conscious intellect is not congruent with his unconscious experience.
Therefore, even the 'best' recipes of the most famous cooks can lead to disaster when used poorly. However, when the outcome is disappointing, we often start to blame the recipe, or the way the recipe was formulated, or the cook who shared it. But it's never the recipe, it's always the human behind it. So WLBs won't get the job done. Therefore, when using a recipe, we should not only walk in the footsteps of the cook, taking the exact same steps, but we should also use our intuition, and add the invisible and mix it with the untouchable. We should seek what the cook saught when figuring out his best recipe. That's why Straightness Training (ST) is not a step-by-step cookbook. It gives you a toolkit full of concepts, frameworks, philosophies, strategies, techniques, maps, formulas, and ideas. And there's purpose, time, and place for every concept. But you have to figure out when, why and how. With your gut feeling and intuition, you have to add the tailor-made 2mm. You have to fill in the details. Because ST is not ‘waterproof’ and it's not 'idiot proof'. Then it would be 100% safe! Because we could never do it ‘wrong’! And all of us would be fabulous horse trainers who never fail. But the map is never the territory. Which means, reality can never be described in precise and full details. So it's always the human behind the map that determines what the outcome of the navigation through the real landscape is. Plus, as long our horses are of flesh and blood we have to adapt to each individual horse with a tailor-made approach. Therefore, ST will give you the concepts; you have to fill in the details. With the art of training, our feel, intuition, and experience.

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