WLBs Won’t Get The Job Done

Atlas was able to hold up the sky and the weight of the world.

Now that seems quite overwhelming.

And it might be quite frustrating at times.

Now learning a new skill, for example, Straightness Training, might feel like holding up the sky.

At times, you might feel overwhelmed, saying to yourself:

  • Oh my, I have to watch all these video lessons.
  • Uh-oh, I have to read all those manuals.
  • Eek, I have to go through all these steps of the email coaching.
  • Brrr, I have to submit all these free touchstones.
  • Shoot, I have to dive into the ST Community on Facebook.
  • Gosh, I have to train my horse all these hours.

Now in that thought process, ask yourself:

  • Am I a sort of Atlas right now?
  • Or am I a Whiny Little Bitch?

Because here’s the thing:

  • WLBs moan.
  • Groan.
  • Complain.
  • Blame.

And as a result, they’re wasting energy and won’t get the job done.

Because remember:

We either find an excuse, or we find a way to get the job done.

Start with WHY

Now if we whine, we won’t support our horse.

That’s a crucial thing in the deep psychology of figuring out WHY we do things.

Ultimately, if you are really honest with yourself, you are not really doing ST for you!

You use ST to make a positive difference for your horse.

It’s not about stars and stripes, nor the grades, because how many stars, stripes, and grades can we have?

Then what?

In the end, it’s not what we GET that is important, but who we BECOME.

You see, there’s always a greater cause that drives us in the end, whether it’s our horse, our students, or whatever.

So when we are feeling that overwhelm, that frustration, when things don’t work…

Just think:

  • WHY am I really doing this?
  • Who is depending on me?
  • If I am Atlas, who am I carrying?
  • What’s going to happen if I drop them?
  • What happens to them if I feel overwhelmed and quit?

Then decide:

Don’t quit on your horse!

Do it for your horse!

Use ST for your horse, to help him evolve in body, mind, heart, and soul.

I bet you didn’t start ST or sign up for one of the ST programs to just get access to all the lessons, manuals, touchstones, mastermind sessions, or other info about ST.


You started ST or signed up because you want to be a difference maker!

A game changer.

A rainmaker.

For your horse.

And maybe your students.

You signed up so I could help you become a better version of who you want to be!

Whether it’s Atlas or an instructor, or whatever, step into that role, and do it!

Because think about it:

  • What happens if you give up on your horse?
  • If you give up on your students?
  • If you quit?

Now remember, we are responsible human beings.

That means, we have the ability to respond.

So we always have a choice what to do with all the ST materials:

Of course, it might overwhelm us, so yes, we will have this luxury ‘problem’.

And yes, at times it’s hard, it won’t work.

We’ll hit a plateau.

A setback – your horse gets sick, you get sick.

You’ll have a bad month or two sometimes.

But just keep going!

Keep calm and carry on.

Just like Atlas.

And how do you keep going?

It’s simple:

1. Focus on WHY you want what you want.

2. Focus on WHO you want to become – a difference maker, a game changer, a rainmaker.

Focus on those two things, and suddenly you see, there is a new sense of fulfilment in everything that you do with your horse!

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