The Winner Takes It All

'Winners' are horses that has succeeded in everything they have tried to do. They succeeded in doing all the unwanted behavior you can imagine. For example:

  • Escaping from the field 
  • Chewing and ruining reins
  • Pulling the longe line and break free 
  • Bucking or rearing to get rid of the rider

In ST, we consider those horses as 'winners'. Winners are going to try and try and try until they figured out what’s working!! 

Normally, that drives people nuts.

And the temptation sometimes is hoping that our winner will change by itself... You see, many riders want a horse, but they don’t want the challenges.

They don’t want to deal with Mother Nature. Then, the best advice to those people is to not buy a horse but a potted plant:

🌵 Just put it in the corner, water it, and it will grow beautifully for you!
🌵 And promised: it will stay right there! 
But unicorns don’t just stay right there!

Horses are 'moving' beings!

And especially the horses that hop from owner to owner and the so-called 'rescue' horses come with 'baggage'.

Therefore, we need to understand that we need to be prepared for that!

And we simply need to canalize our winner’s energy and behavior in the direction of synchronisation.

Because if we do NOT understand our winner we’ll end up with a horse who is opposed and even aggressive.

To be honest:
It’s often the most talented and intelligent unicorns that get 'ruined'.
Therefore, our job is to challenge those gifted horses by doing the right things and doing things right.

This means:
We need to be like them!!!
We need to be in a high figuring out state: 
Checking what's working and what's not working.
Changing our approach.

How often?
Until our winner understands what we want.
Until our winner is motivated to do it.
Until our winner flourishes.
So congrats if your horse is a winner!
As from the most 'difficult' horses we learn the most!
It 'forces' us to find ways to put their qualities to work for us instead of against us.

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