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The cordeo will teach you the principle of ‘less is more‘ and you discover how to train without having to use constant or controlling pressure.


The goal with the cordeo is to develop the energetic aids and the seat and leg cues as precise as possible, with the result that while riding with full bridle and curb the smallest cues will lead to the ideal image of a collected, light and willing horse.

Straightness training Straightness training Straightness training

The cordeo is also a really interesting tool for investigation:

  • You can really discover whether your horse wants to work with you or not.
  • It’s a tool that allows you to measure how much your horse trusts you.
  • It reveals how much your horse wants to interact with you.


One of the benefits of using a cordeo is that you can almost never force the horse into doing what you want. Of course you can use and abuse every tool, so you can use a lot of pressure, but with almost no effect or control (most likely: he will go against the pressure).

By using it only as a communication tool, you can increase your bond with your horse and refine your cues.

Straightness training Straightness training

Is the cordeo a step too far, too soon?

But do you want to ride bitless?

Then check out our cavesson:

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