Many riders enjoy riding with a saddle.

Indeed riding with a saddle can be very comfortable and supportive for rider and horse.

But regrettably enough, riders also encounter many different problems caused by a saddle with a poor fitting.

So here’s the most essential thing about saddles:

It’s very important that the saddle fits both horse and rider.

It’s just like a chair for office workers.

This chair should meet health and safety regulations, so the office worker can do his job in a healthy way.

And so must a saddle be ergonomically appropriate.

Because a properly fitting saddle:

  • is an important link in achieving harmony between us and our horse;
  • is essential for the development of the muscles of the horse;
  • and it fits us as a rider – so it allows us to be properly balanced and make it easy to sit correctly on our horse.


So it’s important to realize that not every saddle is suitable for every horse.

Really every horse is different and we have to find a tailor-made solution for our own horse.

And sometimes, a saddle – any saddle – isn’t the right choice yet:

  • when our horse is still growing;
  • or changing a lot through physical muscle development;
  • or when we need to develop an independent seat.

Then the bareback pad is a great alternative for a saddle:

  • it fits on every horse;
  • allows us to feel the movements of the horse very well;
  • and we develop a beautiful seat with an independent balance.

Where To Buy a Saddle?

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