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Capture What You GET Not What You WANT

When we want to teach our horses something new, we should not be too demanding in the beginning.

It’s much more fruitful to appreciate what you GET, rather than to expect what you WANT.

So in the beginning, always capture what you GET with a release, reward and a moment of relaxation.

So when you think:

“Hmmm, this could be something”….


“Yes, that’s kind of into the right direction”…

Then capture it!!

Even if it’s the slightest tendency!

It doesn’t have to be a full step!

With the slightest try of your horse, just BAM! 💥 👊🏻

Capture it!

And Release, Reward, Relax!

Then wait for a few minutes!

And Repeat.

Now when we use all these RRRR‘s:

– Release, Reward, Relax, Repeat –

it always builds a lot of trust and confidence.

Plus, it increases our horse’s figuring out state.

So he starts to become a creative guesser.

And then he’s more willing to put effort in it.

And when he starts to offer more…

You can ask for more…

and get what you WANT!

Then, capture what you WANT with RRR.

And then you will get more of that what you WANT in the future!

Because whatever you reinforce, you’ll get more of that in the future!

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