Horses Tell The Truth, People Tell A Story
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Horses Tell The Truth, People Tell A Story


When meeting new students, we – as instructors - often get the whole hiStory of their horse. For example: ‍‍ ‍“My horse has a bad hiStory, he's a rescue horse, I saved him, now he's much better, but he doesn't like men, and pressure is a no-go, and he can’t do this, and we need to put on golden gloves if we want to ask him to do that.”  Now the more we’ve created a story why our horse is or isn’t this or that, the less space we will find in the relationship with our horse. ‍‍

In general, it’s not important where the horse “was” because horses live in the “now”. And horses can change in a heartbeat. ‍‍ For example, when a horse with a hiStory enters a new herd, the herd is not asking about his past life, they are not interested in his recent conditions and previous experiences, they don't care if his former (or present) owner makes his life miserable. The herd simply says:

  • We’re living in the now, and
  • We're living in harmony here, plus
  • Here’s how we do it to keep things in balance, so
  • Fit in, or we’ll show you our rules, boundaries and limitations.

Living in the now is to see things clearly, to see it as it is, but not to see it worse than it is so that we don’t have a reason to try. Being present is recognizing when action or redirection is necessary and when it is not.  With this approach, horses can change in a heartbeat and become well-balanced in mind, heart, and soul. Then we can start balancing our horse's body by doing Straightness Training.

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