Stretch Yourself To The Limit

During this pandemic, it's normal to have concerns about

  • the coronavirus
  • the spread of it,
  • the government's decisions
  • the amount of food in the supermarket,
  • other people's actions,
  • lack of work,
  • whether we get the virus or not,

but these are all factors that we cannot control. ‍‍ They are outside our circle of influence.

The Circle Of Concern & The Circle of Influence

We have no control over Mother Nature, the virus, the governments, the fear-based news, and other people's behavior. Yes, we can be concerned about it, but we have absolutely no control over it. ‍‍ However, what we CAN control is our own behavior, our own actions, and our own thoughts and feelings in response to the things we cannot control. Only "me, myself, and I" is what we can influence during these tough times. ‍‍


To stay centered and balanced in our body, mind, heart, and soul during these hard times, we can focus on the "7xS": ‍‍  When it comes to our BODY we can keep an eye on: ‍‍

  • 1. Sanitation: wash hands, avoid touching your face.
  • 2. Sleep: enough sleep improves your immune system.
  • 3. Sugar: avoid sugar as it suppresses immune function. ‍‍ ‍‍

When it comes to our MIND we can make choices: ‍‍

  • 4. Social distancing: avoid crowds, reduce close contact to limit infection.
  • 5. Sane sense: don't infect people with stress, fear, and negativity. ‍‍

When it comes to our HEART we can focus on: ‍‍

  • 6. Stress: eliminate stress as this is the #1 immune suppresser. ‍‍

When it comes to our SOUL we can give it purpose: ‍‍

  • 7. Stretch yourself: in between the comfort zone and stress zone is the stretch zone. Now we don't get stronger by doing easy things, and we don't get stronger by freaking out about this situation, we get stronger by stretching ourselves. So here is our opportunity to utilize this crisis in our life right now. We can use it as an opportunity to grow spiritually. We can make the choice to give this purpose. ‍‍

Give This Purpose

So give yourself a reason to make a positive difference to those around you in these hard times: ‍‍
🌺 Be the person who checks in on friends & family.
🌺 Be the person who takes care of their neighbors.
🌺 Be the person who connects to people who are isolated.
🌺 Be the person who doesn't infect others with negativity.
🌺 Be the person who stays positive and keeps the faith.
🌺 Be the person who sticks to facts and evidence-based info.
🌺 Be the person who doesn't spread fear and rumours.
🌺 Be the person who keeps an eye on the 7xS.
🌺 Be the person who invests in self-improvement.
🌺 Be the person who takes response-ability.
🌺 Be the person who finds a way instead of an excuse.
🌺 Be the person who gets through tough times. ‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍

Never Waste Tough Times

Never waste a challenging opportunity to grow. Hard times require us to get more creative in how we handle our day to day life. How we respond to hard times will determine how we come through this. Remember, tough times are temporary and they never last forever.

Discover The Power Of Mindset

Since childhood, Yasmain and Yolain have been fascinated by horses. For 21 years, they had been twin sisters and best friends. They were identical in nearly every way. They had the same grades in school and wore the same clothes. They were both good riders and had great fun with horses. At the age of 21, they were still similar in appearance and outlook, but then something changed... Now, in their thirties, they differ greatly.

  • Physically seen, Yasmain’s weight is still the same as it was when she was 21. Yolain has gained 20 pounds in the past 10 years.
  • Mentally seen, Yasmain sleeps well every night, while Yolain’s worrying keeps her awake.
  • Energetically seen, Yasmain feels full of life, but Yolain is often very tired.
  • Spiritually seen, Yasmain feels like she’s living a purposeful and fulfilled life, but Yolain is unhappy.

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