What If The Opposite Is True?
When we work with our horse, we make a representation of what's going on. We determine what things mean and often put a label on the situation and our horse:
  • The weather is good / bad.
  • The arena is okay / not okay.
  • There are too many people / not enough people.
  • Our horse is nice, not nice, energetic, lazy, cooperative, stubborn, willing, naughty, ...
But all these statements are just an opinion. Representations of the world often differ from reality. Remember: the map is not the territory. That's why one rider might label the horse as "difficult" and another labels the same horse as a "winner". So the good thing is, that whatever happens, or whenever we make up a story or statement, we can ask ourselves:
  • "Is this true?"
  • "What else could this mean?"
  • "What if the opposite be true?"
Especially that last question can be very revealing! So let's investigate our original opinion that we concider the truth. Let's see whether the opposite can be true, or even truer. When it comes to our original opinion, we have four options.

Four Options

  • 1. Your opinion
  • 2. Convert you opinion to oneself
  • 3: Convert your opinion to other
  • 4.Convert your opinion to opposite
For example, the story/statement:
  • 1. My horse doesn't listen to me.
This can be converted to:
  • 2. I don't listen to myself.
  • 3. I don't listen to my horse.
  • 4. My horse does listen to me.
And the funny thing is, that when we ask ourselves "Is This True?", then often we can find an example of how this conversion is true! Or even truer! A lot of times we can answer "yes" to all three conversions! For example, most of the time our horse does listen to us! He's responds to our aids, body language, voice, pressure, tools by giving his opinion. So when he nips or bites or pushes, he's letting us know that what we do is too much, too long, too often, steady, sudden... Here's another common statement:
  • 1. My horse annoys me (because he's nipping, biting, excaping, pushing... )
This can be converted to:
  • 2. I am annoying myself
  • 3. I am annoying my horse
  • 4. My horse is not annoying me
A lot of times, all these conversions are true! And especially conversion #2 might be even truer! As most of the time we annoy our horse... with our too much, too long, too often, unexpected, steady pressure. And as a result our horse simply gives his opinion! So it's important to realize "It's always us" and whenever we label a situation or judge our horse we have to ask ourselves:
  • What is my original opinion? What is my story? My statement?
  • What is if the opposite is true?
    • What happens when I convert it to oneself?
    • To my horse?
    • To the total opposite?
  • Can I find an example of how these conversions are true?
  • Or even truer?
I challenge you to do some trial & error with this concept! It works wonders! So whenever you believe something, or judge something, or make a statement, or make up a story about your horse, or label someone at your yard, or your partner, or your kid, sister, mother , teacher, whoever, and whatever, make it a habit to ask yourself:

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