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Mental & behavioral issues

As a rider you might have to deal with a mental issue or a behavioral issue during riding, such as:

  • Natural asymmetryAlertness
  • Nervousness
  • Bad attitude
  • Ears flat when doing a specific exercise
  • Protesting
  • Aggression
  • Panicking
  • Striking
  • Bucking
  • Rearing

Possible causes

It could be the imbalance of the horse, caused by natural asymmetry:

It could be lack of leadership:

It could be misunderstanding between rider and horse

It could be that your horse is not motivated to work with you:

It could be that the horse’s natural needs are not met:

It could be that you use too much, too long, sudden or steady pressure:

What if you tried everything?

What if you consulted the vet, the dentist, the farrier, different kinds of instructors, different kind of (natural horsemanship) methods, techniques, tools and it’s still not easy to ride your horse? 

A lot of riders face the problems mentioned above when they ride. Sometimes it seems that people enjoy grooming their horse much more than actually riding.

The ‘attitude’ issues and ‘behavioural’ problems doesn’t always come from lack of leadership. They can also arise out of physical discomfort due to natural asymmetry, such as back problems an straining injuries.

Then you can solve and prevent these issues by using Straightness Training as a kind of physiotherapy.

And, you can take it a step further and develop the talents of your horse to its maximum. So yes, you are welcome to join ST Mastery so I can guide you to help your horse the best you can.

So you have tried everything to solve your mental and behavior problems, and got told that ‘’it must be a problem between the horse’s ears’’, then try Straightness Training, absolutely!

In the previous years, I have met many people that were not happy with their horse and their riding, and they now enjoy riding every day, with success and their horses are living a lot healthier and longer lives.

Turn things around today!

Feel free to join my free 4 part Mini Mastery Course to take the first steps on dealing with the undesired behavior of your horse and turn things around today!



This is what you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid the training pitfalls that I’ve fallen into, and almost every rider falls into, and which make training your horse ten times harder!
  • How to teach your horse a new exercise in a horse-friendly and stress-free way.
  • How to eliminate unnecessary stress, frustration, and disappointment, and fast-track your progression!
  • Six simple keys to make horse training and riding easy, no matter what discipline you’re in, and no matter what breed or age!

This mini course really is worth watching – not only useful insights and tips, but also seeing the learning stages that both a less experienced and more experienced horse had to go through to achieve the desired results.

All 4 video clips are accompanied by easy to understand theory and explanations, which makes it easy to follow and the processes even more clear!

Plus,  the downloadable manuals are very informative, useful and helpful!

So don’t miss out on it and join the course, it’s 100% free:

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